Chef Nick Coe Applauded For His Locavore Ketchup

Molonay Tubilderborst Savory Ketchup
Molonay Tubilderborst Savory Ketchup Photo: Molonay Tubilderborst

We’re big fans of K.O. Ketchup, the locally-made, natural tomato and chipotle mixture that tastes damn good aside scrambled eggs. Today, The Times’ Russ Parsons introduces L.A. to another step forward in the realm of locavore ketchup, this one created by Nick Coe, the chef who opened Black Cat Bakery in 2010 and recently popped up with the engaging Molonay Tubilderborst at Senor Fish.

Also rocking the Molonay moniker, the cinnamon, clove, and all-spiced tinged sauce comes in three flavors: a classic available at Wally’s, among other stores, for six to seven dollars, and curry and spicy varieties offered at Lindy & Grundy and the Altadena Farmers Market.

Tasting Table recently recounted how this ketchup came to be; the result of Coe’s purchase of a few hundred pounds of tomatoes last summer and a head-ward dive into 19th century condiment recipes.

Parsons says, “Compared to regular ketchups, it’s like listening to music through a really great sound system.” See more information, and a great gallery of bearded notables, on Molonay’s Facebook.

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Chef Nick Coe Applauded For His Locavore Ketchup