A Look Into Grill ‘Em All, Now Open in Alhambra
Grill ‘Em All

Bäco Mercat might have the umlaut and Wolvesmouth may have the savage name. Picca has the decibels and Voltaggio all the tats (plus his own front-man with the last name “Dickinson”). Still, no restaurant comes close to being as metal as Grill ‘Em All, the brick-and-mortar riff on the Great Food Truck Race-winning mobile restaurant now open and terrorizing Alhambra’s Main Street. The snug SGV diner shrieks with character. On one side, a cartoon mural depicts a wizard cavorting with medieval burger trolls, while Rob Halford sautes you from the wall, Lemmy grimaces at your table, and Ronnie James Dio is commemorated in all his concentrated glory.

Sort of like a burger-flipping version of Danzig, tongue is still stuck in cheek, but this is a restaurant you’d probably think twice about fucking with. There’s even a burger with grilled cheese sandwiches for buns, for Satan’s sake! Committed co-owner Ryan Harkins also ventured to Hell and back just to find the same French fry bag as the one used at Hot Doug’s in Chicago.

On the menu, there are sixteen sandwiches, including half-pound burgers with Wheatland Baking buns like the “Napalm Death,” a pastrami-laden “Paul Baloff,” and a “Jump in the Fryer” with cripsy chicken, along with a chili-topped frankfurter called “Now I Wanna Be Your Dog” and five styles of animal fries.

There’s draft beer, marking the perfect home for a Stone IPA and a can of Dale’s, and of course, and even some light salads, one of which is fittingly named for the ultra-lite Winger. For dessert, ice cream sandwiches from Coolhaus are on offer, and like any good hard-rock outfit, there’s a case for t-shirts and merch. Basically, metal hasn’t tasted this good since Ozzy sunk his teeth into one of our fine-feathered friends.

Have a look at L.A.’s most metal restaurant in our slideshow look into Grill ‘Em All.

Grill ‘Em All, 19 E Main St. Alhambra; 626-284-2874.

Now open in Alhambra.
With grilled cheese sandwiches for buns, cheddar, bacon, beer soaked onions, pickles, and “Grandma’s Mosh Pit” BBQ Sauce.
The great lead singer of Judas Priest.
The same as used by Hot Doug’s in Chicago.
A Look Into Grill ‘Em All, Now Open in Alhambra