Hillside Kicks Off Oyster Hour; Angolo Soho Serves an Apertivo

• Starting Tuesday, February 5, Hillside will begin Oyster Hours, which will continue Sundays through Thursdays (closed Mondays) from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. $10 will get you a half-dozen oysters and a glass of beer or white wine. Aw, shucks! [Grub Street]

Angolo Soho will begin serving an authentic Italian Apertivo from 5 to 7 p.m. Starting this Thursday, January 31, diners will receive an expertly crafted cocktail and plate of bite-size Italian fare for $16. Highlights include seasonal Arancini and Cassoncini. [Grub Street]

• Further proof that the world’s best vodka is made in Pittsburgh was found at this year’s Good Food Awards. On Friday, January 13, the award was presented to the distiller and co-owner of Pennsylvania Pure Distilleries, Barry Young. Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka was one of the top ten national spirit winners. [Grub Street]

• As of this Saturday, February 2, the Arlington Club will introduce brunch service. Chef Laurent Tourondel has devised a full menu and set of accompanying cocktails. Highlights include Chef’s Poached Eggs & Short Rib Popover and Everything Smoked Salmon Sushi. That’s right, sushi for breakfast. [Grub Street]

• The Metropolitan Opera is hosting a cocktail competition, inspired by Verdi’s Rigoletto. On Thursday, January 31, mixologists (including Timothy Minor from the JakeWalk and Logan Lavacheck from the NoMad) will concoct opera-themed cocktails until the fat lady (or judge Gary “Gaz” Reagan) sings. [Grub Street]

• “Historic gastronomist” Sarah Lohman will be coming to the Farm on Adderly to track Dutch tastes in “Before New York Was New York: A Culinary History of New Amsterdam, 1626.” Click here for more info. [Grub Street]

Hillside Kicks Off Oyster Hour; Angolo Soho Serves an Apertivo