Get Your Pie Face On: Frasca Pizzeria’s National Pizza Week Promos

A-mozz-balls! Photo: Frasca Pizzeria

Attention, pizza lovers. Lakeview’s popular Frasca Pizzeria & Wine Bar will celebrate the upcoming National Pizza Week in a BIG way, with daily activities and promos that are sure to weaken and delight your digestive tract from Jan. 14 to 20. Peep the details below.

Monday, Jan. 14: Pizza Cutter Giveaway
The first 50 folks in line to order pizzas will get a free pizza cutter. And we can safely bet that it probably won’t be just any run-of-the-mill cutter, but one that can cut through the doughiest of, well, dough.

Tuesday, Jan. 15: Customer Appreciation Day
For every pizza ordered, customers will receive a $5 gift certificate to Crosby’s Kitchen, which is the newest venture by the Frasca owners.

Wednesday, Jan. 16: BOGO
If you buy one whole pie, you get a second pie free.

Thursday, Jan. 17: How To Pizza Making Class
This all inclusive $30 pp class (including two glasses of wine) taught by exec chef Brad Knaub will show avid pizzaphiles how to make the perfect pie. Students can choose to make either a Margherita or pepperoni pizza. We believe this will be dough well spent.

Friday, Jan. 18: Specialty Pizzas
Some of Frasca’s specialty pizzas will be featured. They feature special ingredients such as prosciutto, goat cheese, bacon and potatoes.

Saturday, Jan. 19: Eat Your Heart Out
So, you think you’ve got an appetite for the cheese, bread and tomato sauce combo? Show it in a showdown between you and Frasca’s GM, Seth Sellers. Legend has it that Seth has multiple stomachs (like our bovine friends), so he can pack it in. What about you? If you can eat more slices than Sellers himself in four minutes, you’ll win big, but we’re not saying what just yet. Call to reserve a place in the contest which begins promptly at 3pm.

Sunday, Jan. 20: Pizza for a Year Announcement
If you go into Frasca between now and Jan. 20 and submit your email to the resto, you’ll be entered to win FREE pizza for a year, which will be announced on Jan. 20 via Facebook and at the the restaurant. Good luck.

To reserve your spot for the class or for the face off with Seth Sellers, call 773.248. 5222. [Official Site]

Get Your Pie Face On: Frasca Pizzeria’s National Pizza Week Promos