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Dog Haus Dominates Pasadena Cheeseburger Challenge

Dog Haus' fry-stuffed
Dog Haus’ fry-stuffed “Freiburger” Photo: Dog Haus

When it comes to online restaurant competitions, you never really know how much the results are driven dubiously by aggressive marketing or by a genuine passion for a place, but nonetheless, there are some surprising outcomes to be found in Pasadena’s “Cheeseburger Challenge.” The contest was launched as part of the city’s Restaurant Week/Cheeseburger Week, with voting coming to an end this past Monday. Clear first-place winners in multiple categories include The Counter and newly opened Slater’s 50/50, both of which consistently trounced local favorites like the iconic Pie ‘n Burger and ever-budding Umami Burger.

Although Pie ‘n Burger took home a top-spot for “Best Dessert After a Burger,” The Counter took the number-one position in three categories, including “Favorite Lunch Counter Burger” and “Favorite Turkey Burger,” while Slater’s was also voted best-in-show in three rankings, including first-place for “Nest New Burger” and “Favorite Restaurant For a Burger.”

More surprisingly, Dog Haus, a German sausage spot with an extended selection of burgers, took home four first place wins, including victory for “Favorite Traditional Cheeseburger,” “Favorite Sliders,” and “Favorite Gourmet Burger.” The pun-loving restaurant, which has two Pasadena locations and an Alhambra rival for Grill ‘Em All (including its own “Motley Blue” burger), may have been a bit of a dark horse in this race, but proves that the city’s embrace of German biergartens is still making something of a wave.

See the full results online and if there’s anything you simply can’t stomach, please let us know in the comments.

Dog Haus Dominates Pasadena Cheeseburger Challenge