Criminals Ransack Girl Scouts’ Cookie Cash Boxes

Do-Si-No-You-Didn’t. Photo: Morgan Petroski/Corbis

The first sighting of Girl Scouts is one of the happier moments of the winter season. It’s the excitement of Groundhog Day, times ten. The troops are huddled outside a bookstore, in the freezing cold, hawking some of the best packaged cookies ever made — while building a lifetime of skills and confidence! This is our country at its best. But a few awful Americans see this as an ideal time for crime. Two men allegedly stole nearly $400 from a Girl Scouts cash box at a Massachusetts store, and they’re being held on charges of unarmed robbery, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, and shoplifting.

A Pennsylvania criminal targeted a group of Girl Scouts this week, too. He approached the fourth-grade girls, who were selling Samoas and happiness outside of a Pathmark store, and shoved his hand inside the cash box. He made away with $20 (which is the equivalent of five boxes!), and then fled the scene. Let’s hope these atrocities don’t inspire any Tagalong crimes.

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Criminals Ransack Girl Scouts’ Cookie Cash Boxes