Chris Cosentino Cooking Pig Parts at Pigg!

Cosentino Photo: Gary Soup/Flcikr

Chris Cosentino is cooking a one-night dinner at Umamicatessen, home to his L.A. restaurant Pigg!, on Wednesday, January 30 at 7:30 P.M. For anyone familiar with the Top Chef Masters winner’s work, it will likely comes as no surprise that the chef’s $55 seven-course menu is pork-centric to the max, with brand-new Cosentino dishes like pig’s blood soup with nduja-stuffed dates, pasta chittara with salt cured pork liver, and pig’s head ribollita with salsa verde. Each dish will only be served at the dinner, with limited seating available by emailing Umami. Check out the full menu below. 852 S. Broadway. Downtown.


Bloody Roman Beer with Oysters

Ham Platters and Pickled Vegetables

Raw Roots, Leaves and Garum

Pigs Blood Soup & Nduja Stuffed Dates

Pasta Chittara, Strutto & Salt Cured Pork Liver

Pigs Head Ribollita, Salsa Verde & Crispy Pigs Ears

Dessert: Citrus Panzanella & Lemon Curd

Chris Cosentino Cooking Pig Parts at Pigg!