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Watch the Mythbusters Popcorn Explosion That China Is Apparently Obsessed With

While this country continues frittering away precious productivity time scrutinizing panic-stricken squirrels and an ever-expanding procession of Grumpy Cat memes during the workday, a video of Americans blowing up a popcorn-maker is burning up bandwidth in China. The clip, which comes from an episode of Mythbusters, has become such a hot topic that Chinese Central TV — the most watched news network on Earth — recently devoted a segment to it. In it, the Mythbusters crew, with the help of Alton Brown, takes on an antiquated, and potentially explosive, popcorn popper that’s popular with Chinese street vendors.

Of course they blow the damn thing up; as if viewers in the land of the free and home of the brave would settle for anything less. To prove a point, which is obviously lost, the show’s cast purposely leaves the pressure-cooker-meets-bomb-like contraption in the fire way too long. And kablooey! It blows when they pop its release valve. So why is something so mundane so popular with the Chinese? Mostly because it makes Americans look stupid. See what all the fuss is about below.

Big news in China: ‘Mythbusters’ blew up a Chinese popcorn maker [WP]

Watch the Mythbusters Popcorn Explosion That China Is Apparently