L.A. Chefs Struggle To Replace Sex With Food

Nguyen Tran, savoring the flavor
Nguyen Tran, savoring the flavor Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Thirteen local chefs and one owner spill their guts today to HuffPo, weighing in on the urgent question of which foods they may actually prefer to sex. Bringing food and knocked-boots together is always dicey, squeam-inducing territory, and just in case you don’t already think men are ravenous pervs, most of the Y chromosomes make sure to let us know that sex still tops their list, editorial concept be damned.

Mar’sel’s Michael Fiorelli confirms, “I think that sex is my favorite thing in the world,” while his former boss Kerry Simon insists, “There is no food better than sex,” a sentiment shared exactly by his fellow “Iron Chef” Michael Symon.

Jet Tila takes the whole question to extremes, informing the world, “I’m a huge fan of food, but sex is pretty fuckin’ awesome,” before comparing braised oxtail to the base beast with two backs. Okay, okay, we get it guys! You’re non-stop fuck-machines who can’t be bothered to get out of bed to eat your supper.

Of course, not everyone takes the bait. Consummate professional Wolfgang Puck steps over the trap by spinning the query into a few words on his favorite ingredient, while Neil Strawder engages in a little culinary onanism by bigging up his own Big Mista’s Barbecue, and Dakota Weiss admits that she’d probably give up sex for a butterscotch pot de creme “with a hint of salt.”

Fortunately for both everyone involved and reading the story, good food is still a stronger entry-point, and rarely a barrier, into acts of love.

Food Better Than Sex: LA Chefs Dish On Their Favorite Meals (PHOTOS) [HuffPo]

L.A. Chefs Struggle To Replace Sex With Food