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Cheech Marin and John Sedlar Planning ‘Joint’ Dinner, Tuesday in West Hollywood, Man

Beer, I said beer!
Beer, I said beer! Photo: CannabisCulture/Flickr

Cheech Marin, the legendary, L.A.-raised comedian whose own nickname supposedly stems from a bag of chicharrones, is going to be appearing aside chef John Sedlar over dinner at Playa in West Hollywood next Tuesday evening. Surprise, surprise, Cheech and his new partner plan to prepare a meal entirely based on weed. No, not a meal with actual weed in it, like the one between Starry Kitchen and Laurent Quenioux last year, but more like a pun-filled menu with dry tongue stuck in cotton-mouthed cheek. What’s on the menu?

The three-course selection includes Mexican-Chinese hybrid dishes like “pot stickers” with Maui Gold pineapple salsa, “Rolled” spring rolls with aeroponic greens, and High-desert munchies, which are basically just chocolate chip cookies made from house-baked blue cornmeal with candied ginger ice creams. And Playa? What kind of joint is that, man? “It’s a heavy-duty joint, man.”

Dinner is priced at $35 per person, with reservations available at 323-933-5300. See the full menu below, give them a call, and just try to resist asking if Dave is there.


filled with pulled SMOKED chipotle pork, served with roasted
MAUI GOLD pineapple salsa

crispy spring rolls with aeroponic rooftop GREENS (no seeds), (non-PEYOTE) nopal cactus, and green chile shrimp

house-BAKED blue cornmeal chocolate-chip cookie sandwiches with candied ginger ice cream and crunch almonds

Cheech Marin and John Sedlar Planning ‘Joint’ Dinner, Tuesday in West Hollywood,