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Check, Please! Auditions Now Open

Not that not being open yet slowed anybody down— producer David Manilow said he had been approached by about 175 hopefuls as of a couple of days ago— but the casting process for the replacement for Alpana Singh on the popular restaurant review show is now officially off and running. What does the perfect candidate need to be?

Man or woman, young or old, our new host needs to be nice, fun to work with, and a brand ambassador for Check, Please! He or she could be currently (or formerly) working as a chef, server, bartender, sommelier, restaurateur, writer, blogger, or other occupation that allows for a broad, intimate understanding of the culinary world. Previous on camera experience is not necessary.

The application asks for the usual pertinent info, but we’re pretty sure the key part of the whole process is this:

Please provide a link to a YouTube video introducing yourself to us. Be creative! We’re looking for a video that shows what makes YOU special.

It’s TV; the winner will not be the person with the most perfect resume but the person whose personality leaps from the webpage and makes viewers want to tune in every week. Could that be you? Start practicing your TV charisma now, then go here to apply.

Check, Please! Auditions Now Open