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Blue Palms: The Brewery?

Blue Palms Brewhouse in Hollywood
Blue Palms Brewhouse in Hollywood Photo: Blue Palms

In an interview with Food GPS this week, Blue Palms Brewhouse proprietor and Ohio-born Leatherneck Brian Lenzo lays out a long-range vision for his dedicated brew bar. After recounting his days in “urban city combat” as an active-duty Marine, the beer that first made him fall in love with craft brew (Firestone DBA), and his penchant for hiring fellow Mid-Westerners, Lenzo reveals that he’s hoping to have “my brewery open someday soon,” with plans to retain some of his extensively trained staff, rather than see them enlist in the thick ranks of those going on to work at other breweries. Lenzo is also pursuing other possible locations of Blue Palms to “open the experience of craft beer to other cities that haven’t experienced it yet and do it right.” His first target? Back in his Ohio hometown.

Back home in L.A. where the owner gets down with fellow beer enthusisasts like Beechwood’s Gabe Gordon, Surly Goat’s Ryan Sweeney, and Golden Road’s Tony Yanow, Lenzo still sees “ample room for growth” for progressive brewers, telling the blog, “There are still so many people who don’t understand what craft beer is. They don’t drink beer at all because they’re so used to the push of Miller, Bud, Coors and Heineken.”

Interview: beer pro Brian Lenzo (Blue Palms Brewhouse) [Food GPS]

Blue Palms: The Brewery?