25 Cent Tacos at Wahoo’s On Friday; Susan Feniger Giving Out Free Indian Eats in Hollywood

Wahoo's Fish Taco
Wahoo’s Fish Taco Photo: Sean Loyless/Flickr

Sometimes, mostly hinging on what makes the menu, cheap and free food just isn’t worth one’s time and effort, even if those alliterative F-words are still two of the most welcoming in the English language. Tomorrow, the Wahoo’s Fish Taco Chain turns 25 and is offloading its fish tacos for just 25 cents apiece at all of its locations. Tacos don’t typically impact the wallet to such a degree that one needs quibble about the price or search fruitlessly for a discount, and given that the last two mahi-mahi tacos we ordered there took us out of the eating game for a full day, we’ll most like refrain from revving our own engines, but leave you to make your own decisions in life when it comes to this one.

Over in the Hollywood Farmer’s Market, however, there will be some freebies worth hassling for, as Susan Feniger plans to give away free samples of Indian street food on Sunday, February 10. The promotion is part of her signing on to lead a culinary trip to the Sub-Continent for a new company called “Food Adventures.” If you’ve been to her restaurant, Street, then you know the chef has a way with invigorating global street food, raising hopes that her cucumber chili samosas or lush curries will mark the morning there.

Catch Feniger in Hollywood from 9:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M. on February 10, and if you can’t turn down a cheap lunch date, Wahoo’s will have its quarter-priced tacos on hand all day tomorrow.

25 Cent Tacos at Wahoo’s On Friday; Susan Feniger Giving Out Free Indian Eats in