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What To Eat at Grace (And the Two Menus Explained)

The kitchen at Grace.
The kitchen at Grace. Photo: Sky Full of Bacon

The opening menus for Grace were released today on the Grace website, but they still may seem more than a little enigmatic. There are two menus— indicated only by the presence of one or two leaves at the top— and while there are differences in the dishes, it’s less clear what the theme is that would help you tell them apart. The one-leaf menu has more of a focus on vegetables but is not strictly vegetarian; the two-leaf menu includes more proteins… but it’s still pretty vegetable-oriented, too. We turned to Curtis Duffy himself for clarification; he explains that in general, his cuisine is lighter and focused on the flavors of vegetables, and the two menus represent different degrees of that focus: “One is strictly focused on vegetables, though not necessarily vegetarian or vegan— although certainly if somebody has those dietary needs, we can go that route.”

“The other one gives equal importance to a vegetable influence, but it has some proteins, lighter seafood things scattered throughout the menu, woven throughout,” he continues. “My cuisine’s always been on the lighter side. We use minimal fat, minimal dairy. My time at Avenues was heavily focused in the vegetable realm. That’s the way I eat, that’s the way I like to cook.”

Grace Menu 1

Grace Menu 2

What To Eat at Grace (And the Two Menus Explained)