What Happens at 3 A.M. at Glazed and Infused

Photo: courtesy Anthony Todd/Chicagoist

It’s been a stressful day even if you’re not Susan Rice, let’s end it with some doughnut porn. Anthony Todd went to Glazed and Infused early in the morning. How early do you have to get up to make a doughnut? This early:

Doughnut-making on this scale has to start the night before. Every night, while you are eating dinner, the team of doughnut producers is starting their work. “We start the night before, fairly early,” explained General Manager James Gray. “We may be in here at 6 in the evening. Everything happens really quickly over the course of about midnight to 4 a.m. Then everything gets packed up and shipped out.” So my 3 a.m. wakeup? That’s normal for Gray.

Repay that commitment by checking out his story at Chicagoist now as he takes you inside the process and shows you how it’s done in almost two dozen photos— including our favorite, above, the reverse side of doughnut-making they never show you. [Chicagoist]

What Happens at 3 A.M. at Glazed and Infused