What to Eat at Stuffed, the New Midwestern-Style Pierogi Bar Heading to the Mission

Sacco's pierogis.
Sacco’s pierogis. Photo: Dana Sacco

Grub Street spoke today with Dana Sacco, one half of the team planning to open Stuffed in the former Mission Sub space (2788 Mission between 23rd and 24th) in January. We broke the news about the new pierogi shop last week, and today Sacco gives a bit more background. “My partner [Andy Schoengrund] and I are both from the Midwest, so we grew up eating tons of pierogies and making them,” Sacco says. “I’m from Cleveland and Andy is from Minneapolis, and we are kind of going for a Midwestern theme with this, rather than traditional Slavic/Polish-style pierogis.” See the full draft menu below.

Furthermore, Sacco says that she’s been developing and testing recipes at friends’ houses and at Mission bars for a number of months now, and they’re planning to serve a selection of Midwestern beers, including microbrews that aren’t often seen here. Also, she says, “the renovations are looking awesome” at the small shop space.

See below for the pierogis she’s planning to serve as of now, though there’s still room for some last-minute tweaks. We’re especially intrigued by the vegetarian spicy Buffalo pierogi, and the pierogi topped with eggs Benedict, which will be a brunch item.

They’re hoping to open by mid- to late January. Stay tuned.

Traditional Pierogi
Potato, farmer’s cheese, cheddar cheese. Served with onions and sour cream. Bacon-wrapped option.

Veggie Pierogi
Potato, portabella mushroom, spinach, goat cheese. Served with parmesan cheese sauce or pesto sauce.

Pulled Pork Pierogi
Seasoned slow cooked pork with walnut butter sauce and fontina cheese.

Salmon Pierogi
Potato with cream cheese, smoked salmon. Served with butter and lemon juice sauce and dill.

Lamb Pierogi
Ground lamb with Mediterranean spices with a goat cheese center. Spinach dough, and served with hummus sauce.

Spicy Buffalo Pierogi
Potato with blue cheese, pan-fried in spicy Buffalo wing sauce.

Pierogi topped with eggs Benedict with plain potato or chorizo potato fillings.
Bacon-wrapped option

Cheese and potato stuffed jalapenos
Stuffed mini bell peppers
Brussels sprouts

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What to Eat at Stuffed, the New Midwestern-Style Pierogi Bar Heading to the