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Sasabune Taking Miru 8691’s Strip Mall Space

Sasabune II: Electric Boogaloo
Sasabune II: Electric Boogaloo Photo: Joshua Lurie

Blame Kazunori Nozawa and his successful SugarFish empire once you see every big name in L.A. omakase start to spin off into new locations. Sasabune, once a singular, dear sushi experience on Sawtelle before climbing the corporate ladder to a glass-and-steel skyscraper on Wilshire, appears to be taking over the former home of Miru 8921 on Olympic in Beverly Hills. Rub your eyes and it’s still there, with more generic signage than Sushi Stop and squeezed between a Quizno’s and Dawn Barnes’ Karate Kids.

The new location will be headed up by chef Ei Hiroyoshi, who left Japan with $1,700 in his pocket and plans to be the Snoop to Nobi Kushuhara’s Dr. Dre, honoring and twisting the itamae’s Edomae style. So far, no word on an exact opening date, but we’ll be the first to let you know if we spot any signal of a forthcoming Urasawa-Mini in the area.

Sasabune, coming to 9162 West Olympic Blvd.

Sasabune Taking Miru 8691’s Strip Mall Space