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Rocio Camacho Splits With Bell Location of Mole del Dioses

Camacho's new mole sampler at Rocio's Mole del Dioses
Camacho’s new mole sampler at Rocio’s Mole del Dioses Photo: Javier Cabral

Rocio’s Mole del Dioses in Bell, one of our favorite new restaurants in the past year, is now riding without its titular mole-making genius, Rocio Camacho. Nonetheless, this original location of the restaurant continues to use the name of the chef, who bounced from La Casita Mexicana to Moles La Tia to La Huasteca over the past few years, on its signage and dishes (abogados have been contacted, we’re told). Camacho is now focused solely on the iteration of the restaurant found in Sun Valley, right above Burbank.

Camacho recently rolled out new margaritas here, including a nopal and passionfruit flavor, as well as a new sampler of her praised moles, including a take on sikil pac, the pumpkin-seed dip we’ve often enjoyed at Chichen Itza that translates to “moist dog nose,” but hits on a much sweeter, nuttier side than that time you got an uninvited mouth full of Fido’s beak. In any case, if it’s moles worthy of the gods ye be seeking, there’s now only one spot with the chef’s full seal of approval.

Rocio’s Moles del Dioses, 8255 Sunland Blvd. Sun Valley; 818-252-6415.

Rocio Camacho Splits With Bell Location of Mole del Dioses