Late-Night Ramen at Hanjan; Coffee Talk at the 92Y Tribeca

• Join U.S. barista champion Katie Carguilo and Jesse Kahn of Counter Culture Coffee Friday, January 11 at the 92YTribeca for a caffeinated talk about sourcing, roasting, and all things beany. Food, cocktails, and cups of coffee (of course) will be served. Tickets are $30. [Grub Street]

• Writers and food policy specialists Anna Lappe and Danielle Nierenberg pen a post-holiday editorial for The Wall Street Journal that surveys not only the massive amounts of food waste in the U.S., but also the 1.3 billion pounds wasted annually, worldwide, that might otherwise feed 868 million people. [WSJ]

• Mario Batali’s business partner Joe Bastianich ruffled a few feathers with his memoir Restaurant Man, released earlier this year. He’s set to ruffle a few more, Eater reports, because the book is being turned into a TV drama produced by “a major cable network.” Go, Joe! [Eater National]

• Hooni Kim of Danji is now selling a limited ramen at Hanjan, his newly opened Flatiron restaurant, beginning at 10 p.m. nightly. The twelve-hour broth is made from pork and chicken bones, and the noodles are supplied by Ramen Totto, Danji’s Hell’s Kitchen neighbor. Kim has created a recipe made to evoke Shin Ramyun, Korea’s most popular instant brand. His costs $16 for a bowl, however, but likely tastes much, much better. [Grub Street]

• Mark Bittman wrote an editorial to the Times about the links between SNAP benefits and obesity rates. He calls on government officials to establish more robust guidelines to make sure program participants buy greater amounts of more nutritious food. [NYT]

Late-Night Ramen at Hanjan; Coffee Talk at the 92Y Tribeca