Osteria’s Jeff Michaud Welcomes Back His Italian Mother-In-Law For a Holiday Feast

Mamma Pina and Jeff Michaud in Osteria's kitchen.
Mamma Pina and Jeff Michaud in Osteria’s kitchen. Photo: Osteria

Osteria’s chef and co-owner Jeff Michaud is perhaps the only dude alive who gets excited about his mother-in-law paying a visit to his workplace. As she did last spring when visiting with Michaud and his wife all the way from Bergamo, Italy as they welcomed their daughter into the world, Mamma Pina Carrera is cooking dinner at Osteria next week, and this time it’s going to be a traditional Italian Christmas feast. “What can I say, she’s an awesome woman,” Michaud told Grub when asked about their relationship. “We actually have a lot in common, and get along really well.”

The dinner they cooked and served last May proved a smash hit with the restaurant’s regulars, so the two decided that for Mamma Pina’s visit for the holidays, they would do it again. “For this visit we’re going to do a Christmas dinner,” Michaud explained. “She’s going to cook all the stuff she makes at home for the holidays.”

Mamma Pina will take the reigns of Osteria’s kitchen for a single seating on December 11. The $175 per person dinner will include four courses showcasing dishes served during a traditional Bergamoscan holiday celebration. The full spread will start with pickled vegetables, housemade salumi, and wood-fired focaccia, before moving on to cabbage and speck cannelloni, and the classic holiday staple Pizzoccheri. Mamma Pina’s Christmas specialty, Bollito misto, a Northern Italian, Pot-au-feu-esque stew of Cotechino, veal head, veal tongue, veal shanks, beef ribs, and chicken served with boiled potatoes, leeks and chard, will surely be one of the meal’s highlights. Seats are limited, and reservations are required. Go here to book them.

Osteria’s Jeff Michaud Welcomes Back His Italian Mother-In-Law For a