Photo Plates

State Bird Provisions Meets Meadowood, Illustrated
Kostow and Brioza, side by side.

As promised, we now bring you some food porn from last night’s collaborative dinner with State Bird Provisions chefs Stuart Brioza and Nicole Krasinski, and Meadowood chef Christopher Kostow, at Day Four of Meadowood’s Twelve Days of Christmas. As Brioza tells the Scoop today, it was good to get back to his fine-dining roots for a night, where he was again getting to do “composed dishes that work in a sense of flavor where you build from lightness to heaviness.” (Brioza and Krasinski for years ran the kitchen at Rubicon, but have kept things pretty casual at State Bird, wish bold and inventive small plates.) The photo evidence just went up on Facebook, so please enjoy. [Earlier slideshow]

fried beef tendon, pine, cured ribeye, dill, caviar
parsnip, apple jam, black truffle
with shiso and steelhead roe (State Bird)
 with tofu skin, aged kimchi, smoked egg, pork broth on the side (State Bird)
with morning glory, potato, caviar, dill (Meadowood)
with sourdough pancake, caraway cream and baby turnips (State Bird)
with black lime, squash, succulent (Meadowood)
with damson plum, pecorino and walnuts (State Bird)
State Bird Provisions Meets Meadowood, Illustrated