End of the World

Seeking a Drink For the End of the World

Lots of bars are celebrating the imminent Mayan apocalypse as another excuse to drink— laugh while you can, monkey boy!— but here are a few that caught our eye as doing something more imaginative with this once-in-a-universe holiday. For starters, Longman & Eagle will be celebrating Friday night with a special cocktail called Out With a Bang!, based on a Black Thorn with Thomas H. Handy Barrel Proof Rye Whisky. It’s $20.12— hey, it’s not like money’s going to be any good anyway when the world ends. More follows below.

SmallBar Division points out that whether or not the world ends, Friday’s the winter solstice and thus a dark and long day… so they’ll be offering some big, dark beers to get you through a long winter, such as Lefthand Wake Up Dead Nitro, Ska Euphoria, Three Floyds Alpha Klaus, Mikkeller’s Santa’s Little Helper, Avery Old Jubilation and many more.

Lottie’s will have a champagne toast at midnight if we’re still here, and $4 Rogue Dead Guy Ale, $4 Tequila Shots, $5 16 oz. Red Death Cocktails, and a $5 Atomic Chili Bowl. While Lottie’s sister spot The Pony isn’t even waiting for Friday— its specials are all for Thursday night, including $6 24 oz. Peyote Pony Punch. What better to welcome the four horsemen with?

• Maya Del Sol in Oak Park would be crazy to miss this chance on Friday, so they’re having three bands, food stations featuring guest chefs from around town, an ice sculpture with margaritas flowing through it… quite the apocalypse welcoming event. It’s $85 per guest for the evening, call 708-358-9800 for reservations.

• Redmond’s Ale House in Wrigleyville will have a “Heaven and Hell” themed Doomsday party beginning at 7 p.m. on December 21. The December beer of the month, Shock Top’s “End of the World Midnight Wheat,” will be on tap.

• And Taco Joint Urban Taqueria and Cantina in Lincoln Park is offering a Mayan-inspired taco from December 17 to December 21. The “Poc-Chuc Taco” features grilled pork loin marinated in achiote and sour orange, garnished with xni-pec (Yucatan-style pico de gallo) and served on a house-made black bean tortilla ($3).

Seeking a Drink For the End of the World