Los Globos’ Owner Attempts Peaceful Reconcilation With Silver Lake Neighbors

Los Globos
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In this month’s L.A. Magazine, we learn that Steve Edelson, the storied L.A. nightlife veteran who runs some of the city’s down-and-dirtiest, most egalitarian hangout spots, has been stabbed a couple of times and even shot once. So really, a room full of angry Silver Lake residents is probably not about to phase the dude, famously tough and allegedly possessing of a volatile temper. Nonetheless, Edelson is attempting to show neighbors of his Sunset Boulevard nightclub, Los Globos, a friendlier face, convincing them that he actually cares about what they think in the wake of the club’s recent troubles.

According to The Eastsider L.A., Edelson directly answered concerns and noise complaints at a community meeting on Thursday night, with both parties reaching a satisfying stalemate that the Police Commission delay a decision on granting or denying the space permanent live music and dance permits until grievances are all aired-out.

The friendlier face may look like a reversal of sorts for Edelson, as neighbors gripe that their noise complaints and requests to reach the management went unresolved in the past, and amid concerns over “intimidating” attorney letters that may have been sent to stymie changes.

But it appears the man is really trying this time. Edelson is even addressing neighbors’ complaints directly in the blog’s comments, weighing in on subjects like Los Globos’ “hellish” paint job and the security situation on its street. He even gives his email address to give readers the chance to engage him directly, while telling the website, “I don’t want to be in a confrontational relationship with my neighbors.”

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Los Globos’ Owner Attempts Peaceful Reconcilation With Silver Lake Neighbors