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Lady Gaga and Johnny Depp Party at Carlyle Restaurant; Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel Get Down at GoldBar

Christopher Peterson/Splash News
Christopher Peterson/Splash News Photo: The newlyweds boogied.

This week’s celebrity sightings involved a lot of partying, and oddly enough, it was often with kids. Susan Sarandon watched her son perform at “Versailles in the Sky” XVI Lounge, Katie Holmes celebrated her birthday with Suri at Sugar and Plumm, and Tom Cruise opted for Le Baron over son Connor’s D.J.-ing gig at the Darby. But Justin Timberlake and his new wife also boogied, as did Zac Efron (who got carded, ouch). Read about all this and oh so much more in our weekly roundup of celebrity dining.

XVI Lounge: Susan Sarandon watched her son, Miles Robbins, perform at Jeff Krauss’s birthday party. [NYDN]

Asellina: Connor Cruise (son of Tom) had dinner with Michael Strahan and musician Jay Galvin at around 8 p.m. before heading to his D.J. gig at the Darby. [NYDN]

The Beatrice Inn: Paul McCartney, Nancy Shevell, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, Dave Grohl, and the Eagles’ Joe Walsh dined together Friday night. Bianca Jagger arrived later with Ross Bleckner. The two sat at a separate table from the McCartney-led group and exchanged glares, but no words, with the other celebrities. [Page Six/NYP]

Bistro La Promenade: Jamie Foxx celebrated his 45th birthday again this week. He and twenty of his closest friends, including Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire, dined at the Chelsea restaurant. DiCaprio was overheard telling the group that he’s in no rush to enter into a serious relationship and, in an uncharacteristic move, opted not to head to Foxx’s after-dinner party at No. 8. [NYDN]

Bobby Van’s Steakhouse: The steak spot was popular with athletes this week. The Yankees’ Mariano Rivera and NBA stars Charles Oakley and Jayson Williams were all spotted separately. [Page Six/NYP]

Caravaggio: Larry David dined with HBO head Richard Plepler and former senator Christopher Dodd at the Upper East Side eatery. [NYDN]

Carlyle Restaurant: Lady Gaga joined Mick Jagger and his band at the after-party for their Newark concert celebrating 50 years of the Rolling Stones. About 150 people showed up, including Johnny Depp, who was wearing a hat very similar to the one Gaga donned for the event. [NYDN]

The Darby: Entourage star Kevin Connolly hung out in a cloud of electronic-cigarette smoke at Connor Cruise’s D.J. set at the West Village club. Connor’s dad was supposed to show, but his security team deemed the venue unsafe. [NYDN]

Elio’s: Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood, and their families had dinner at the Italian restaurant on Mick Jagger’s recommendation. On their way out, Richards’s daughter donated her leftovers to a homeless man in a wheelchair. [Page Six/NYP]

GoldBar: Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel hung out with a friend at the Little Italy bar. They sat by the D.J. booth and danced and requested songs. [Page Six/NYP]

Le Baron: Tom Cruise couldn’t make his son’s gig Monday night, but he was able to head downtown to hang with the Chinatown club’s artsy crowd. He arrived at 11:30 and stayed until 4 a.m., when the place closed. [Page Six/NYP]

The Lion: Allison Williams and boyfriend Ricky Van Veen (co-founder of College Humor) got dinner with friends, including John Mayer and Katy Perry, at the West Village restaurant. After their meals, a magician performed tricks for the table, and the group stayed past midnight. [Page Six/NYP]

One and One: Zac Efron didn’t look any older than his High School Musical character at the East Village bar Sunday night. When the bartender asked the 25-year-old if he had an I.D., he replied, “No, but I have an IMDb page.” Snap. It was apparently good enough for the bartender, who put down a beer next to Efron’s glass of water and snack. [NYDN]

Philippe: Tyra Banks and Dylan Lauren (of Dylan’s Candy Bar) got dinner at the Upper East Side restaurant. [Page Six/NYP]

Rosemary’s: Susan Sarandon and boyfriend Jonathan Bricklin stopped by the West Village restaurant sans reservation Tuesday night, but they didn’t need one. As soon as Sarandon lifted her hat and the maitre d’ realized just who it was he would be seating, a table became immediately available. [NYDN]

Sugar and Plumm: Katie Holmes celebrated her 34th birthday with Suri and one of Suri’s friends on Monday. The trio ordered silver-dollar pancakes and eggs Benedict. When they finished, the pastry chef surprised the actress with a sponge cake layered with strawberry jam and vanilla buttercream frosting that said, “Happy Birthday Katie.” [Us]

Lady Gaga and Johnny Depp Party at Carlyle Restaurant; Justin Timberlake and