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Jonathan Gold Is Getting His Own Documentary

Coming to a theater near you.
Coming to a theater near you. Photo: Food is the New Rock

Current Los Angeles Times food critic Jonathan Gold will be the subject of a forthcoming documentary directed by Laura Gabbert, who made 2009’s No Impact Man, according to The Hollywood Reporter. When he started out 30 years ago, Gold shifted the food conversation away from white tablecloth restaurants by turning attention to a broader array of mom and pop noodle shops, burrito stalls, undersung smokehouses, gas station sandwich shops, and more, giving them the same consideration as the rest of the Los Angeles dining scene, then coming down from a fever dream of spa cuisine and oversteamed snow peas.

He is also the first food critic to win a Pulitzer, the second most followed one on Twitter, an indomitable champion of organ meat and strip mall pupusas, an unwavering lover of pickup trucks, and an early adopter of N.W.A.

“I loved Laura’s film Sunset Story,” the quasi-anonymous critic says in a released statement. “So when she approached me about making a film using me as a prism through which to look at food as a prism looking at Los Angeles, it sounded like a good idea. And you wouldn’t believe how fetching I look in a burqa.”

This should be a lot of fun.

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Jonathan Gold Is Getting His Own Documentary