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Jonathan Gold Tackling Charles Dickens?

The critic's headshot?
The critic’s headshot? Photo: Ubrayj02/Flickr

Your occupation–be it waitressing or window washing–is really just a means to super-stardom on the screen or stage. Or so outsiders like to say about all of us hard-working stiffs in L.A. But perhaps there’s some fact to the fiction, as Digest reveals that the honorable Jonathan Gold is taking yet another leap into acting this month. The number-one critic is not only juggling his search for new and original tacos with a role as himself in a documentary film, but he’s also slated to appear in a twisted Second City production of A Christmas Carol that will feature sporadic appearances by notable personalities, including Susan Feniger and the owner of Valerie Confections, as well as all-around renaissance dudes like Henry Rollins, Ed Begley Jr., George Takai, and Richard Simmons, who will, no doubt, make for the most kinetic Tiny Tim we’ve ever seen.

Will Gold go the method acting approach and live on a steady diet of roast goose and plum pudding before hitting the stage? We may never know. Apparently, the critic’s appearance in the production, like those of all the guest stars’, is unscheduled and random. In any case, with a film and stage production currently in the works, isn’t it time the once anonymous critic give us a better head shot to work with than this Flickr deal you see here? (though this hidden visage has a certain Dickensian ghost feel).

In any case, if you really want to see Gold haunt L.A. under the weight of a ghostly chain like the late Mr. Marley, look no further.

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Jonathan Gold Tackling Charles Dickens?