John Sedlar Launches Mexi-China Menu at Playa

Cielo verde spring rolls
Cielo verde spring rolls Photo: Playa

You can find the harmonic hybrid of Chinese and Mexican cuisines at conscious constructions like Jose Andres’ taqueria, China Poblano, in Las Vegas, and if you look hard enough, scattered among anomalies that randomly dot the Southwestern landscape. Now, one of L.A.’s own heroes is taking on this brand of fusion here at home. Playa chef John Sedlar was inspired by a recent exploration of Mexicali, Baja’s capital city that is rich with Chinese culture due to a massive immigration of laborers in the early 20th century, on his newest auxiliary menu, melding Playa’s poetic take on Mexican food with Cantonese cooking in a new “Mexi-China” menu.

Dishes (decorated, in signature Sedlar style, with Chinese images like Cantonese characters and photos of junk ships) include Mao’s maize cake with duck egg fu young, Chinese chicken salad cones, pork pibil potstickers, kung pao camarones, and dim sum tamales, among the full menu you can explore online.

Get on it before Sedlar, an artist in the kitchen who never stops striving to embrace and reflect new creative stimuli, finds his next inspiration.

Playa, 7360 Beverly Blvd; 323-933-5300.

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John Sedlar Launches Mexi-China Menu at Playa