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Here Are Some Classic Cocktail Deals For Repeal Day

Hudson's cocktail
Hudson’s cocktail Photo: Michael Jackson

Repeal Day, December Fifth, today, is a bit contrived like Sweetest day, except the bars are giving you the gift of cheap booze instead of bad chocolate jammed with leftover bug parts. It’s only apropos to visit some elderly cocktails today since they’re so glaringly hip right now, and Repeal Day actually occurred in 1933. Read on for the deals at Corner Door, Drago Centro, Oliverio, Sassafras, Wood and Vine, and others.

The Corner Door
$5 Old fashioned; all evening.

Dragon Centro
Just released its not-so-old Winter cocktail menu this week, but offers $5 Bobby Burns on its bar menu; all evening.

The Hudson
$7 Hudson Old Fashioned Elijah Craig 12yr bourbon, Angostura bitters, sugar

$10 The Sazerac; all evening.

Rabbit Hole, Alhambra
Whiskey day with $2 off all whiskey

$0.50 Repeal Day Cocktail, 9 pm-11 pm.

Wood & Vine
$2 sazeracs with secret phrase: “Party like it’s 1933”; all evening.

Here Are Some Classic Cocktail Deals For Repeal Day