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Cafe Gratitude Bringing Organic, Vegan Mexican to Melrose

What'd you say about my madre?
What’d you say about my madre? Photo: Gracias Madre

“I Am Furthering My Economic Interests in Los Angeles.” Yup, Cafe Gratitude has additional plans to spread its crunchy cooking and crackpot philosophy through the city, as Eater reports the coming of the brand’s Gracias Madre restaurant to a space in West Hollywood. If you don’t know what “gracias” and “madre” means by now, we’re deporting you back to Connecticut. Everyone else can probably figure out that this is Gratitude’s Mexican arm, serving vegan, cashew-cheese enchiladas and tacos with tortillas made from organic heritage corn, some of which already graces the brand’s original menu that we hate to admit is pretty damn good for expensive rabbit food.

The concept is taking space across from Craig’s on Melrose and will sell $49.95 molcajetes organic Eel River beer, soju, and wine to wash down such menu items as cauliflower queso fundido, plantain empanadas, and calabaza asada.

The shop is due to land in late 2013. Until then, if you seek to chuckle harder than the cooks at the last taco truck where you requested a vegetarian burrito with cashew-nut cheese, take a look at these San Francisco hippies’ “About” page, in which they express their “devotion to the Earth and the divine feminine.”

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Cafe Gratitude Bringing Organic, Vegan Mexican to Melrose