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There’s ‘Beefy Stupendousness’ In Bubba’s Texas BBQ’s Brisket; Relocated and Downsized Fish Serves a ‘Solid Meal’

• The barbecued brisket at Bubba’s Texas BBQ in Fishtown is “beefy stupendousness,” according to Brian Freedman. He also vouches for the smoked sausage, which he says has a “balance of smoke and spice-heat” that’s “pitch perfect.” Over-charring in the ribs department however, was one of the “very few slip-ups.” [PW]

• Caroline Russock gathers the motley crew sandwich brain trust of Eli Kulp, Tom Lax, Scott Schroeder and Hawk Krall for a tour of the city’s between-bread delights, and determines that Pat’s and Geno’s should only be patronized at “4 o’clock in the morning,” Cosmi’s “has good cheesesteaks,” and Chink’s cheesesteaks and black and white milkshakes produce the “most perfect stomachache ever.” [Citypaper]

• Trey Popp checks in on recently relocated and downsized Fish, where “muted flavors” undermined a plate of striped bass and pork belly, and sea scallops were “uncooked in the middle.” However an “invigorating” octopus appetizer, and a “perfectly cooked” mahi mahi made a “solid meal.” [Foobooz]

There’s ‘Beefy Stupendousness’ In Bubba’s Texas