2013 at Next? So, Yeah, You Missed It.

Next’s unpredictability in when it will offer tickets for its upcoming menus is matched only by the predictability of how its Facebook fans will squeal like stuck pigs when they don’t get what they want. And we suspect there’s going to be a porkapalooza when it sinks in what just happened: 2013’s season tickets sales pretty much entirely happened during a time that many people would have been off the clock, off the computer, and paying no attention to social media. It started Friday morning with tickets to past season ticket holders; that ran until Saturday afternoon, at which point about 40% of the inventory (50 seats per night) was still remaining, most on weeknights or Sundays. Public sales began early Sunday morning— still time for Christmas buying at that point! They went quickly— within about an hour, they were down to just a handful of remaining tickets. By 2 p.m. Sunday, they were effectively sold out, with released inventory coming back onto the site only to be quickly snatched up.

So if you, you know, had a life during the last couple of days, you probably missed it. That said, as a message later on Sunday pointed out, there will be future opportunities closer to the menus:

Season tix were sold for 50 seats per night. The next 50 seats (for Hunt and Vegan – 16 more for Bocuse) will be sold just before the menus open on an individual basis via our ticketing site. In other words, you can buy just one table for any menu.

[Next Facebook]

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2013 at Next? So, Yeah, You Missed It.