Win Free Tickets To the Midnight Ramen After the Chicago Food Film Festival. Plus EL Ideas After-Party!

Photo: courtesy Kitchit Chicago

We were going to write about this event called the Midnight Ramen. What it is, is, after the Chicago Food Film Festival on Saturday night, a new outfit called Kitchit Chicago (there are outposts elsewhere) that stages way cool food events would bring in a celebrated Japanese ramen chef, Keizo Shimamoto, for a latenight ramen party at Phillip Foss’s EL Ideas. (Foss comes into it because one of the films in the fest is about him and he’ll be serving something during one of the programs.) The problem was, it sold out instantly, and we don’t really like to write about things our readers can’t go to. But now you can after all, so here we are. There will be a raffle for the last 10 tickets, free; you can go here to sign up (but hurry, they’re picking winners this afternoon). And we have another pair to give away— all you have to do tweet one of our trademark ridiculous hashtags, #TheresAGrubStreetInMyRamen and we’ll pick a winner on Friday. But that’s not all that’s happening that involves EL Ideas, Kitchit Chicago, and the Chicago Food Film Festival.

Sunday night there will be an after-party VIP dinner for the Food Film Festival at EL Ideas. And for $165, you can go and hang with the Food Film Festival crew (a lively bunch, we can tell you). Or maybe this is the best part… you can finally eat dinner at EL Ideas without a three month wait. To find out more and get a ticket for this event, go here.

Win Free Tickets To the Midnight Ramen After the Chicago Food Film Festival.