A Look at Valentino’s 40-Dish Anniversary Dinner Menu, Wednesday November 14

Seafood pasta at Valentino
Seafood pasta at Valentino Photo: Valentino

Piero Selvaggio’s Valentino is celebrating its 40th birthday in Santa Monica next Wednesday and it’s going big. The owner is welcoming guest stars like Steve Samson of Sotto, Valentino Vegas’s Luciano Pellegrini, Farina’s Angelo Auriana, and Drago don-dada Celestino Drago, along with Darrell Corti of Sacramento’s Corti Brothers Italian grocery. Dinner will take the form of 40 small bites and 40 wine tastings, influenced by renowned Sicilian chef Ciccio Sultano and dedicated to L.A.’s late Mauro Vicente, with influences from Spain, Greece, the Middle East, and North Africa in the mix. Come see the menu.

Valentino exec chef Nico Chessa and pastry chef Alessandro Stroppa will be heading up the kitchen, and Selvaggio will highlight rare biodynamic wines from Italy’s south. The menu is priced at $125 for food alone (roughly $3.47 per bite), and $200 with wine, which is served in 40 two-ounce pours. We have the full menu, starting with passed stuzzichini and ending on cheese and dessert, below for your consideration. Reservations for the dinner, which has open seating, are available at 310-829-4313.


Panelle and Cazzilli (Croquettes)
Eggplant Involtini, Smoked Cheese-Onion and Basil
Sicilian Focacce of Ricotta, Parsley, Onion, and Homemade Sausage

Arancine (Rice Suppli): Traditional, Mullet and Wild Fennel, Vegetarian

Crostini: Warm Ricotta and Sea Urchin, Olive and Salmoriglio
(Lemon, Parsley and Pantelleria Capers)
Crudo di Pesce with Trapani Salt,
Iblean Olive Oil and Citrus

Stuffed Calamari Rings with Couscous and Pistachio di Bronte
Fagottini of Caponata with Modica Chocolate “Al Peperoncino”
Grilled Seppie (Cuttlefish) in its Ink, Orange Zest and Fennel Pollen
Polpettine di Neonata (Whitebait Cakes)
Timballo di Ragusano: Cheese Timbale
Ricotta Infornata, Baked with Mosto Cotto and Carob Honey

Maccu: Traditional Fava Bean Purée

Mauro Vincenti’s Pasta Alla Trapanese
Timballo of Pasta with Fresh Sardines, Breadcrumbs, Fennel, Raisins
Risotto Bombe with Sea Urchin and Orange Zest
Norma: with Eggplant, Aged Ricotta and Pachino Tomato

Crisp Braised Lamb Belly with Mint Couscous and Chocolate al Peperoncino
Pork Spezzatino: Braised, Clove, Cinnamon, Fava Bean Purée

Spicy and Smoky Cheeses with Marmellate di Corrado Assenza

Gelo di Mellone, Cannolicchi, Fichi d’India Sorbet (Prickly Pear), Almond Torrone di Corrado Assenza (Nougat)

A Look at Valentino’s 40-Dish Anniversary Dinner Menu, Wednesday November 14