There Is Stuff Afoot In Chicago! Like Max & Eli Sussman Signing, Dose Market, Ruxbin Rezzes, And Farewell Ari

There is stuff afoot in this city of ours, and we are going to list some of it now. First off let us wish the best to our friendly rival Ari Bendersky, who is leaving Eater Chicago (that position’s open, by the way) to join the most excellent Chicago-based online retailer of good naturally-made stuff, Abe’s Market. A great scoop-getter, a tireless enthusiast for our food scene, lots of fun to go to the same media event with, and a good sport, Ari’s witty presence will be missed on the food beat.

• Max and Eli Sussman, brothers and New York-based chefs (Max is the James Beard Rising Star-nominated chef of Roberta, Eli is at much-loved deli star Mile End Deli in Brooklyn) will be at the Williams-Sonoma in 900 N. Michigan at noon Saturday to sign and chat about their new book, This Is A Cookbook: Recipes For Real Life, which aims to demystify the general techniques of cooking through recipes for the way young people eat now… not to mention the size of the space they’re likely to be cooking in in a place like New York.

• Dose Market Returns! The pre-Thanskgiving, really-early-holiday-shopping edition of the market will be Sunday at the River East Arts Center, with food and drink from popular Chicago names like 5 Rabbit Brewery, Karl’s Craft Soup, Old Town Oil, Fayette Creamery, Uptown Soda Bread, Salted Caramel and more. Check the whole list out here.

• One of the hardest-get-into-spots in Chicago just caved on reservations… slightly. Ruxbin will take reservations on Sundays, which has typically been a somewhat quiet night (so why do you need a reservation? Well, at least you’ll know you’re getting in before you leave the house). [Ruxbin blog via Eater]

There Is Stuff Afoot In Chicago! Like Max & Eli Sussman Signing, Dose Market,