Sweet! Brings Wonka To The Walk of Fame

Sweet! Photo: Sweet!

Sweet!, the hottest new candy complex in Hollywood just opened and this place has everything: a taffy-stretching station, a giant Stay Puft marshmallow man with Slimer energy drinks, tee-pees, “disgustingly delicious” urinals that fill up with candy, a design-it-yourself chocolate bar lab, a Harry Potter portrait made of Jelly Bellys, and jacked dwarves with orange skin and green hair. Yes, the store even had actual Oompa-Loompas at its premiere (or more accurately, wee thespians between acting jobs). With several separate shops themed around different candy brands, you can find cavity causing candies from around the world, including a Wonka store**, the only place Wonka chocolate bars are available now in the U.S., according to an non-Loompa employee.

Eater reports that the 28,000-square-foot, self-described “Greatest Candy Shop on Earth” is now serving on a second-floor off of The Walk of Fame, and might be the first thing to come to that street that we actually want to run to (instead of from).

According to the store’s website, the list of oddities goes on…and on. There’s a massive musical stairway you play with your feet, lollipop trees, rainbow-hued hard-candy made with your name in the middle, and a real red Ferrari with gumballs flying above it. Open at 10:00 A.M. every day and open late, the only thing it appears to be missing is the chocolate river and thankfully, the tunnel of bad trips.

Sweet! 6801 Hollywood Boulevard, Suite 201; Hollywood; 323-809-4380.

** Earlier, we said the whole complex comes from Wonka/Nestle, while the company only has a licensed room within Sweet! Blame the eager eight-year-old in us for that one.

Sweet! Brings Wonka To The Walk of Fame