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Sprinkles Ice Cream Stretching to Newport

Sprinkles Photo: Sprinkles Ice Cream

If it’s in vogue in L.A., then Newport must have it, an attitude we’ve come to expect from the Veruca Salt vicinage. Following the recent arrival of Mozza and news that the Orange County beach retreat will get its own Red O, O.C. Register now reports that Sprinkles Ice Cream is expanding to the Corona del Mar Plaza this spring. This second outpost of Candace and Charles Nelson’s ice cream shop will take over Gelato Paradiso with its daily-churned, Straus Family Creamery scoops on red velvet waffle cones, along with its supply of cupcake sundae and ice cream sandwiches book-ending the cold stuff with cupcake tops.

Mr. Nelson says Newport won’t have its own cupcake ATM (to ward off unwanted bumpkins, one surmises), though locations in the works for Las Vegas and Atlanta will be so lucky. Still, Orange County can expect some version of the machine, as Nelson claims, “We’re looking,” foreshadowing further growth into our southern counties.

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Sprinkles Ice Cream Stretching to Newport