Sous Beurre Kitchen to Host a Most Fowl Pop-Up This Weekend

Stock photo pheasant.
Stock photo pheasant. Photo: iStock Photo

Chef Michael Mauschbaugh, whose Sous Beurre Kitchen pop-up at Sugarlump is readying to go brick-and-mortar next year on 24th Street, is doing a one-off event this Saturday, December 1 at FoodLab (7th and Market) called The Wild Goose Chase. It’s being done in conjunction with Kitchit’s One Night Stands series, and the menu is all about wild game birds. To be exact, squab, pheasant, quail, and goose.

The five-course menu is $65 per person, exclusive of tax, beverages, or gratuity. There will be beer and wine available, and there will also be a mere $5 corkage if you want to bring your own. Get your seats here.

See the menu below.

Seared Squab Breast Dusted with Oatmeal
arugula, fromage blanc, kirsch, cherries & hazelnuts

Confited Goose Crépinettes
cauliflower aux pâte á chou, chives & brown butter

Quail Lightly Smoked in Rosemary
gratin of potatoes & wild mushrooms, watercress & jus

Poached Roulade of Pheasant Breast
stuffed with sausage of pheasant leg, braised rainbow chard, roasted root vegetables & vermouth

Vanilla Tuile Cake Terrine
pound cake, creme anglaise mousse, berries & frangelico chocolate sauce

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Sous Beurre Kitchen to Host a Most Fowl Pop-Up This Weekend