Rich Table to Up Their Bar Game With Jason ‘Buffalo’ LoGrasso

The opening 'bar' at Rich Table.
The opening ‘bar’ at Rich Table. Photo: Andrei Riskin/Grub Street

Rich Table (199 Gough), which has already established itself in its first four and a half months as the new darling of the S.F. dining scene and won the all-important Bauer rave, announced this week the hiring of Jason “Buffalo” LoGrasso to head up a new and improved bar program. As of opening, they’ve been serving a small, rotating selection of seasonal cocktails created by the front-of-house team, but LoGrasso will bring things up a notch having cut his teeth at several of the city’s better bars, including The Alembic, Bourbon & Branch, and most recently Quince and Cotogna.

His nickname, in case you were wondering, comes from his hometown, and it’s what all his coworkers at Coco500 called him when he first moved here. A few of the cocktails going on his new menu: the Hayloft (mezcal, applejack, almond, pomme butter and dry cider), the Shivered Timbers (pot still rum, pomegranate, ginger and canela), and the Strawbarely Legal (pisco, strawberry gomme, chocolate mint, albumin froth and seltzer).

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The Menu at Rich Table, Illustrated

Rich Table to Up Their Bar Game With Jason ‘Buffalo’ LoGrasso