Paul Shoemaker Squashes Unsavory Slander

Savory Photo: Savory

A story in Malibu-Patch is setting off a volley of support for chef and co-owner Paul Shoemaker, who announced the closure of his restaurant, Savory, on Wednesday. The article quotes Zan Marquis, Savory’s co-owner and landlord as the owner of Point Dume Village where Savory is located, accusing Shoemaker of defaulting on his rent payments, absolving himself of blame in the shutter. The GM of Savory responds that this assertion is “totally distorted,” and claims in the comments that she has the “Quickbooks and bank statements to prove it.” We asked Shoemaker himself for a response and he says simply, “Absolutely false. Zan Marquis is not a truthful man.” And that’s not all.

The story also reports that Malibu police were called to the property on Wednesday to resolve an unspecified business dispute and Marquis claims two restaurateurs are already interested in the location.

In even more troublesome news for Marquis and his seemingly placid plaza, a 4:00 P.M. protest is planned today in a fight to save a separate restaurant business, Point Pizza, from being kicked out to make room for D’Amore’s Pizza.

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Paul Shoemaker Squashes Unsavory Slander