Now Open: Rhino Bar, Serving Gastropub-y Fare ’Til Wee Hours in the Gayborhood

Rhino Photo: Rhino

With Fish relocated around the corner, the final piece to the 13th and Locust puzzle, Rhino Bar, was finally set into place yesterday. And the big picture it reveals is two separate restaurants — an intimate, 35-seat seafooder fronting the Locust Street side of the Independent Hotel, and a gastropub-y venture, serving food and drink into the wee hours on the 13th Street side. Mike Stollenwerk is the brains and brawn driving both concepts. Rhino features eight taps, tons of craft beer in bottles, cocktails, and some serious happy hour action. The menu is divided into “snacks” and “plates,” and this being a Stollenwerk jawn, it also has raw bar offerings. The kitchen will be open until 1 a.m. on weeknights, and 2 a.m. on weekends. Check the menu out straight ahead.


Top neck clams
Shrimp cocktail
Colossal crab cocktail


Jar of bread & butter pickles 6.
Shishito peppers, maldon 6.
Cheese plate 7.
Meat plate 8.
Crispy chicken skin, spicy buttermilk 5.
Fried green tomato, remoulade sauce 5.
Morcilla, fried egg, oyster mushroom 9.
Calamari, long hot pepper, lemon, garlic butter 8.
Foie gras pierogis, caramelized onion, brown butter 11.
Chicken drumette confit, buffalo style 10.
Huitilicoche quesadilla, queso oxaca 10.
Fried halumi cheese, marinated cucumber 7.
Chile verde, pork belly 7.
Blue bay mussels, coconut, panang curry, lemongrass 11.
Chopped, feta, sunflower seed, chick pea, cucumber, tomato, black olive, red onion 9.
Beet Salad, market greens, toasted walnut, goat cheese, Dijon vinaigrette 8.
Panzanella, toasted bread, roasted pepper, tomato, hard cooked egg, frisee 9.


Sausage, peppers, rigatoni 14.
Miso glazed salmon, baby bok choy 15.
Meat loaf, whipped potatoes, field peas, mushroom gravy 12.
Lamb ribs, chick pea salad 16.
Trout muenare, green beans 15.
Fried chicken, chedder biscuit, collards 14.
Lobster grilled cheese, fontina, green tomato 14.
La frieda rhino blend burger, pickles, garlic ketchup, aged goat cheese 14.
Steak frites, chimichurri 14.
Creekstone Farms dry aged Ribeye, long hot, roasted garlic, truffle butter 48.
Smoked salmon Rueben 14.


Fried brussels sprouts, fresno chilé, garlic butter 5.
Fries 3.
Tempura cauliflower 5.
Baked beans, bacon bread crumbs 6.
Potato & Egg salad 4.
Green beans, shallot 5.


Root beer float 6.
Seasonal Cobbler 7.
Brownie Sundae 6.

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Now Open: Rhino Bar, Serving Gastropub-y Fare ’Til Wee Hours in the