Why Is the New Super-Colossal Whole Foods Shrouded in So Much Secrecy?

Why all the secrecy?
Why all the secrecy? Photo: Stephen Cummings via Flickr

Whole Foods this week posed a riddle, wrapped in an organic, shade-grown, fair-trade enigma with the announcement that it’s going to vacate its long-standing 20th and Callowhill outpost. The Austin-based supermarket chain announced that it planned to exit that location in 2017, and move to another, much larger property somewhere in close proximity. According to the Inky, in spite of the deal being a sure thing, and papers signed proved it, developer Neal Rodin wouldn’t divulge where.

The Business Journal is now saying that sources close to the project claim the project, which will also include 250 apartments, and underground parking, is going in at 21st Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, where the very space-age-esque Best Western hotel resides.

We knew it wouldn’t take long for someone to zero in on where the store would go. It’s not like there are that many sites in that neighborhood that present views of the Art Museum and can accommodate a 55,000 square-foot super-supermarket and a 37-story apartment building. What we don’t get is all the secrecy. With all the smoke and mirrors, you’d think it was another Hop Sing Laundromat in the making.

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Why Is the New Super-Colossal Whole Foods Shrouded in So Much Secrecy?