Bright Lights, Big City: Lower Manhattan’s Power Returning for the Weekend Brunch Rush

Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

It seems almost too fitting that power is finally starting to come back to lower Manhattan after this long, trying week. And yet that’s what seems to be happening today as Friday draws to a close. (And yes, “Friday Night Lights” has already been claimed by one of New York’s own.) After four days of otherwise dismal news, it’s a hopeful note, and we hope that we can come back on Monday with lots of new restaurant reopenings and menu changes to report. Until then, here are some of the best chef and restaurant reactions to the returning power.

! ! ! ! RT @lodownny Street lights on Delancey! Grand St!!— PIANOS (@PianosNYC) November 2, 2012

Power’s back, see you tomorrow for lunch!!!!!!— james daniel bowien (@dannybowien) November 2, 2012

POWER’S ON IN THE EAST VILLAGE - we will do our best to be open for dinner tomorrow night. keep you posted.— The Smith Restaurant (@TheSmithNYC) November 2, 2012

Tinto Fino is back online and will resume normal glowing shop hours tomorrow.— Tinto Fino (@TintoFinoVino) November 2, 2012

(EXPLODES WITH JOY) RT @conedison: Cooper Square network restored: #Canal on south, #Bdway on west, #EastRiver on east & #14th St. on north.— Northern Spy Food Co (@northernspyfood) November 2, 2012

Power back on at @peelsnyc. Expect limited brunch service this weekend.— Peels Restaurant (@PeelsNYC) November 2, 2012

East Village power is ON! Shop’s opening now…come inside for food, warmth and a sense of community!— Luke’s Lobster (@LukesLobster) November 2, 2012

Power is back on the East Village!!!! Major clean up begins tomorrow - Wish us luck!— The Sunburnt Cow (@Thesunburntcow) November 2, 2012

Oh we missed you so much! Thanks @conedison twitter.com/Colicchio_Sons…— Colicchio & Sons (@Colicchio_Sons) November 2, 2012

Back in the game!@perillanyc & @kinshopnyc. Will be open tonight at 5:30pm.— Harold Dieterle (@harolddieterle) November 3, 2012

Power to the Square, thx @conedison! We’re working thru the night & will be serving a delish limited menu@12p 2moro, Sat 11/3 Come join us!— Union Square Cafe (@UnionSquareCafe) November 2, 2012

It’s official!!! Power is back on!Give @abckitchen a day or so to get back on our feet!Can’t wait to see you all #abckitchenstaffupdate— Dan Kluger (@dan_kluger) November 2, 2012

EMP has power! Reopening for Monday lunch… Can’t wait…— Will Guidara(@wguidara) November 3, 2012

yfrog.com/gyxduuxj— Frankies Spuntino (@franksspuntino) November 3, 2012

Bright Lights, Big City: Lower Manhattan’s Power Returning for the Weekend