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Ludo Lefebvre Announces LudoBites X: The Final Chapter?

Lefebvre Photo: LudoBites

To see 2012 to a close, Ludo Lefebvre is hatching “LudoBites 10” at Downtown’s Gram & Papa’s, planned for weekdays from December 4 to 21. Krissy Lefebvre, the chef’s wife and LudoBites master general, does not say this will be the final run of the successful pop-up per se, but tells Grub Street that “construction is going well at the new restaurant” and that this tenth iteration of the pop-up will be a “sort of ‘send-off’ to LudoBites, at least in LA as a full time business model.” What can you expect?

The LudoBites team is again going with the UrbanSpoon lottery system to award seats to interested parties, and in terms of what Ludo will cook, his partner says it’s a bit of a Greatest Hits compilation, “bringing back some of the favorites from the past, minus foie gras, of course” in a look at the stories and recipes behind Ludo creating the new LudoBites cookbook. Count on there being dishes from each of the past pop-ups.

The lottery starts next Wednesday, November 28 at 11:00 through UrbanSpoon and LudoBites will be donating $1 from two different dishes every time they’re sold during the run.

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Ludo Lefebvre Announces LudoBites X: The Final Chapter?