Last Table, Donkey and Stick Dinner Tonight; Win Dinner For Two By Helping Pick the Winner

Brian Beverly fights fire in episode #2.
Brian Beverly fights fire in episode #2. Photo: Sky Full of Bacon

Tonight’s the last of six try-out pop-up dinners for the six chefs competing for the job of head chef at Table Donkey and Stick— and if you want to check it out, watch the Facebook page for last minute openings. And with the last dinner by chef Brian Flach comes decision time— and you can be part of it. Along with the final video about the last two dinners on Wednesday, we’ll have a form in which you can vote for your choice of the six chefs, and one voter will win dinner for two. How can you choose the chef if you haven’t tasted the dinners, only seen the videos? Well, an important part of choosing a chef is knowing how his food appeals to potential diners, so impressions from the outside are a factor just as how it tastes and how he works in the kitchen are. So watch the first two videos below to see how the menus from the first four chefs looked, then watch Wednesday’s video and cast your vote— and maybe you’ll win the chance to see what the food is going to be like for real. The first two videos, and Brian Flach’s menu for tonight, are below.

Brian Flach’s menu for Monday:

Bread Service
pork rillette, green peppercorn, garlic

Beef Carpaccio
black radish, bagna cauda, preserved lemon, fresno chili, sea salt, toasted fennel seed

Smoked-Fresh Sausages
pork, lamb, chicken, veal, with pickled red onion, cucumber and cauliflower, and salt potatoes

Braised Breast of Veal
cider-braised endive, winter squash, mustard greens

Apple Beignets
cinnamon ice cream, rosemary cider reduction, hazelnut brittle, thyme


Here’s episode #1, featuring Jon Keeley and Scott Manley:

Here’s episode #2, with Brian Beverly and Sean O’Hara:

Last Table, Donkey and Stick Dinner Tonight; Win Dinner For Two By Helping Pick