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Watch Jonathan Benno in the Most Subdued VICE ‘Munchies’ Episode Ever

Photo: Vice

Regular viewers of VICE’s “Munchies” series, which picks up with a chef at his or her restaurant and follows them out for a typically long night on the town, are no doubt accustomed to big feasts, liquor fountains, and of course, the occasional surreptitious car-service toke. The most titillating thing about this newest episode, which features the chef Jonathan Benno, is probably the priest stranglers he serves with taggiasca olives and bottarga in the kitchen at Lincoln. Rolling with his posse into Neta, the former Per Se chef de cuisine stops speaking altogether to better appreciate the sushi. “You really want to be quiet,” he says, “and really think about what you’re eating.” Though the rollicking fails to get going at the Peter McManus bar, this ends up being one of the most oddly affecting “Munchies” episodes so far.

Jonathan Benno Munchies

Watch Jonathan Benno in the Most Subdued VICE ‘Munchies’