The Other Critics

Jane G’s ‘Raises the Bar;’ ‘Not One Dish’ Impressed at Red Owl Tavern

• Brian Freedman writes “at its best, Jane G’s raises the bar of pan-Asian cuisine.” “Seriously considered” flavor, “unimpeachable technique,” and an “excellent waiter” made the meals there “more interesting, more memorable.” “Well-fried” popcorn rock shrimp, “impeccably crisped” dumplings, and “familiar and exotic” beef rendang get special shout-outs. [PW]

• Phyllis Stein-Novack writes that “inedible” pickled vegetables with “way too much vinegar” served at Red Owl Tavern nearly ruined hubby Edward’s birthday. The roasted eggplant spread that arrived at the table at the same time was “ok.” Congealed sauce that “tasted like glue”plagued the chicken pot pie, while spicy ketchup “detracted from the overall taste” of the “short ribs.” “Not one dish” served “impressed” her taste buds, so naturally, she tips her toque just once. [South Philly Review]

Jane G’s ‘Raises the Bar;’ ‘Not One Dish’