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‘Seasoning and Execution’ Need Straightening Out at The Industry; Veggies Upstage ‘Wimpy’ Mahi Mahi at Blue2O

• Though Pennsport’s Industry extends an extra-warm welcome to those serving in the hospitality trade’s trenches, Craig LaBan says “you don’t have to be a saucier, table-turner, or cocktail-slinger to feel at home” there. Just as long as you’re not squeamish about the menu being “dotted with crispy pig ears, spicy sweetbreads, roasted marrow bones, and chicharrones.” Though chef Patrick Szoke’s menu is “fun and adventurous,” LaBan thinks that “stray details of seasoning and execution” need straightening out before it can assume higher ranking in our “gastropub pecking order.” [Inquirer]

• Adam Erace makes a “long-awaited return” to Cherry Hill seafooder Blue2O, and reports that the crisp “Peking” calamari averts being passe only because the squid was “so nicely cooked.” The same wasn’t true for the dishes that followed. The “wimpiest fillets of mahi mahi” were “upstaged” by “wok-fried veggies.” A hardwood-fired “simply done” sea bass was marred by a “a greasy citrus-thyme butter.” [Courier-Post]

‘Seasoning and Execution’ Need Straightening Out at The Industry;