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Actually Pretty Awesome: The Flaming Sea Bass Roll at Elephant Sushi

There's a maki roll in there.
There’s a maki roll in there. Photo: Carolyn Feng

Tom Tamir, the sushi chef at the new Elephant Sushi (1916 Hyde Street), isn’t afraid to get down with pyrotechnics. And that’s alright with us when it produces creations like the flaming sea bass roll, which comes, literally, flaming to the table and encased in foil. Once the fire dies down and it’s safe to unwrap the goods, you are rewarded with a slightly warm and satisfying roll of baked sea bass, spicy tuna, masago aioli, Japanese chili, scallion, and sweet soy. The crunch of the masago helps to offset the otherwise creamy orgy of flavors, which includes just enough spiciness and a hint of fragrant shiso.

The personable and oft-enthusiastic Tamir, formerly of Fuji in West Portal, had a hand in designing the cozy restaurant that took over the Sushi Groove space in Russian Hill. Fish shapes fashioned out of driftwood from Baker Beach adorn the walls, and music ranges from Bob Marley to moody electronica.

The menu mixes style and substance and is kept fun with non-traditional elements like shichimi pepper aioli, basil oil, garlic chips, and even banana. Other standouts include a refreshingly cool, meltingly tender albacore tataki appetizer served on a Himalayan rock salt slab; and the sweet and savory sizzling mango sea bass, which also comes (you guessed it) on fire.

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Actually Pretty Awesome: The Flaming Sea Bass Roll at Elephant Sushi