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Fette Sau ‘Worthy of Praise’; ‘Inventive Sandwiches’ Are ‘the Best Reason’ to Visit Blue Belly BBQ

• At Fette Sau, Adam Erace picks the rubbed and smoked pork belly as his “favorite” of the Brooklyn export’s by-the-pound meats. Beyond the “worthy of praise” smoked meats, American whiskeys, and Mason jar beers, he found the staff “disarmingly warm, without any of the too-cool-for-school attitude their American Apparel-model looks imply.” [Citypaper]

• Though the “meat portions aren’t especially generous” at Bella Vista’s Blue Belly BBQ, Craig LaBan fell for the Painted Hills brisket, which he writes was “tender and earthy from its crusty rub,” but “also moist enough to puddle growl-inducing juices” on the brown-papered tray it’s served on. The “ruby-rare venison loin streaked with tangy dark pomegranate sauce” served as another “platter highlight,” but ultimately, it’s the “inventive sandwiches” that give the “best reason to visit.” [Inquirer]

Fette Sau ‘Worthy of Praise’; ‘Inventive Sandwiches’ Are