Fatty Arbuckle-Themed Restaurant Opening Soon in West Hollywood

Fatty's Public House
Fatty’s Public House Photo: Fatty’s

What is in the water around here these days? As if restaurants themed after creepy clowns and Southern plantations aren’t terrifying enough, Zagat reports on the soon-to-come opening** of Fatty’s Public House, a new restaurant themed after Fatty Arbuckle and located in the disgraced actor’s former abode. Now, we don’t even want to mention the terrible things come to mind when we think of the chubby silent star, even if there is a movement afoot pushing his innocence. (We never read the fake auto-bio by that guy who shot up with ALF). Still, this is happening, and the appropriately named Brosephs Restaurant Group, owners of Smoke on Melrose and Brick + Mortar, are behind it, planning to serve Yankee-friendly fare like pizza, shrimp corn dogs, and burgers, along with Arbuckle-inspired cocktails of questionable names like a “Rough House” and a “Fatty’s Reckless Fling.” What guys, no bottle service? [Zagat]

Fatty’s Public House, 829 N. La Cienega Blvd. West Hollywood; 310-854-0756.

**Zagat and The Rundown reported an opening this week, while the restaurant says it’s havng inspections on Friday and will open earliest after Thanksgiving week.

Fatty Arbuckle-Themed Restaurant Opening Soon in West Hollywood